What do You Need?

Landing Pages that sell. We make high quality landing pages with different variations. They are prepared for Multivariate testing.

Implementation of KPI's. We define and install the control panel of your online business. With the right indicators you can draw an accurate picture of your Internet business.

Development and implementation of the Online Marketing Plan. Some companies such as Arval have entrusted us with the realization, implementation and monitoring of their complete online business strategy.

Newslettters that sell. We can develop commercial newsletters by applying our deep expertise in usability with a much higher click rate than average.

SEO. Our positioning system is based on improving the HIGH QUALITY traffic from search engines, by means of totally ethical techniques. This differentiation is very important, since positioning of link building through automatic or low quality sites show good results only in the short term.

In Spain Tic Latam we generate high-quality content and make it expand into thematic channels. We get not only positioning results but also generate high quality traffic and conversions accordingly.

SEM. We are currently working on Pay per Click campaigns, focused on achieving sales. Our work is completely transparent to the customers, who have access to their own platform and personalized reports.

Social Media. We managed to take advantage of social networking. We have a wide experience in lead generation campaigns and sales. Some of our clients are Mercedes Group and BNP Paribas.

Usability. We have helped our clients improve the design of their website, indicating the elements which are capable of catching customers’ attention and where they should be placed. We have redesigned Arval’s website, the leasing division of BNP Paribas, increasing 300% its conversion rate.

Metrics. We are experts in measuring results. We work with the most powerful tools such as Omniture, Google Xity or Analytcis.