Our Approach

More than 10 years of experience on Internet projects management support the brand Tic Spain Latam.

Its founding partners have targeted leading companies in the Internet sector, with proven experience in generating business via the Internet. Our company has offices in Madrid and Buenos Aires, and we are initiating the procedures for opening in Sao Paulo.

Our goal is to help companies in the process of internationalization of their business.

We believe that the Internet channel is essential for the commercial success of a company. For the Spanish companies, Latin America is the natural area of development, both for its growth potential as for their cultural and linguistic proximity.

The team of TIC Spain Latam comprises 10 highly skilled consultants. Our areas of work are: Ergonomics and Information Architecture, User and channels Experience, Metrics and Web audience, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

We work with one goal: to improve the convertibility of our customers Internet actions, to achieve more with less.

We work with the most advanced measurement instruments, such as Omniture, Xiti Google Analitycs, Urchin. We are experts in multivariate and AB Testing. Google Partners certified by SiteSpect or Xiti..