Case Studies

The way people use the media has changed. Today the user interacts with several media simultaneously, and uses the Internet as a link and as a means of interaction.

Thus, In TIC Spain Latam we work on several media such as Web, Mobile, Video, Information desks, ATMs. We are the best-positioned to analyze and improve post-click results.

Mobile Marketing. Geolocation using sophisticated software. TIC Spain Latam offers the possibility to know your customers’ real time position. An application designed for BlackBerry, iPhone or Nokia allows our clients to send promotions to mobile phones, thus getting to know the position of potential customers, practising direct real time and latest generation marketing.

Contents Creation. > We currently write more than ten thousand articles every month related to different topics. All our articles are written by professionals and they go through a process of creating, editing and correction. Besides, a system designed for TIC Spain Latam ensures that no part of them has been previously published on the Internet.

We write daily in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Upon request, we can generate content in French and Italian.
We are specialists in tourism, vehicles, finance and markets blogs.

Finance. We work for BBVA, positioning BBVA Portugal, developing a self-managed click counter for BBVA Argentina, which allows them to know detailed information of the customer, and to improve creativity.

BNP Pariba, through its leasing division ARVAL.

We have recently won the creative account for iFOREX in Latin America, one of the main currency market players.

Automotive. We are linked to Mercedes Benz through its largest dealers in Spain: Concesur and Grupo Itra.

Tourism. The Andalusia Tourist Board is among our clients.

Other Sectors. We also have customers in other sectors such as Telecommunications (The Phone House), Food (Catunambú, Bogaris.)